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"If you’re not following Matt Dietz yet, you’re missing out! No fluff, just straight talk with real tools and ideas for insurance agents doing the work everyday!"
Allan D.
Agency Business Consultant
"Once I believed this concept I never had to worry about sales quotas again. I would not be who I am today if Matt Dietz hadn’t taken a chance with me."
Colin L.
State Farm Agent
Agency Owner Matt Dietz is an incredibly gifted, knowledgeable insurance agent... I highly recommend Agency Launch to any new, or veteran, agency owners. Thank you Matt!
Jasic W.
Farmers Agency Owner
"I'm so grateful for Matt's teachings. I wouldn't have the confidence I now have running an agency without listening to Matt.
Ryan H.
New Agent
"As a person who worked in insurance, explaining policies thoroughly to clients is impossible sometimes. Matt's communication and knowledge is spot on.'
Darlene M.
"I understand the importance of communicating with our customers in a way that they can understand. But this business doesn't always lend itself to simple language. That is why Matt has been a blessing to me.
Michael E.
Agency Owner

Nice to meet you. I’m Matt Dietz

Matt Dietz is an award winning agency owner. He has owned and operated the Dietz agency since 2004 and continues to operate it today. Matt started a scratch agency and manages over 4000 policies with a staff of 2. His agency has had an average of 15% premium growth over the past 6 years. He writes on average 6x the amount of commercial premium as the average agent in his state and has written over 50 life policies 4 times in a calendar year. His current closing ratio of 48% for home and auto is double that of his peers as a captive agent. He has been married to his beloved Heather since 2002 and is a father of 2, Ramon 13 and Lillian 11.

You don't rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. This is the system I developed and currently practice that will guarantee your long-term success.

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