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Insurance Agency Training


I'm an authority on building Insurance Agencies.

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Hi there, I’m Matt. I have been running my award winning insurance agency for since 2004 (who’s counting?). I spend my days working in my agency with my amazing team and helping current agency owners build the business they want to build.

Here's my full bio.

I earned a B.A. in Math from Western Michigan University and a M.A in Leadership from Buffalo State College. After working as an employee in different capacities for 10 years, I felt a ceiling over my head and I wanted to see what was beyond it. I decided to see how I would do running my own business. 

I opened my scratch agency in 2004 with zero experience in the world of insurance. I put my head down and learned and failed and learned and failed and learned and failed and then something happened. I began to fail less. I learned how to sell a product that was more expensive. I learned to market with a $0 budget. I learned how to build a culture with a highly motivated team. I learned how to give unexpected service. I learned that I like insurance, but I LOVE running a business.

When I’m not running my two businesses, you’ll find me and my wife of 21 years cheering on my 16 and 14 year olds in their sports, golfing, drinking coffee, listening to the Foo Fighters and trying my damndest to tell the best Dad jokes.